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Three Quick Wins to Kickstart Information Governance

Information Governance has been around for a while with the first CDO’s being named about 10 years ago. But there is a new and stronger focus on Information Governance.

A number of factors are driving the dramatic increase in attention to Information Governance. Regulatory compliance concerns remain key, and their is a new focus on privacy as it becomes a consumer driven market that is adding urgency. At the same time, organizations are realizing the risks and costs of storing unneeded and obsolete content in shared folder environments and obsolete applications.

Despite this growing focus on information governance, it can be challenging to motivate an organization to take it on as a corporate initiative. When information governance is perceived as a large enterprise project driven from the top, stakeholders can be discouraged by the lead time and effort required to obtain results.

A better approach is to combine the strategy and framework part of the initiative with tactical projects focused on delivering demonstrable results. Demonstrating the impact of small but significant IG wins can inject momentum into an enterprise wide IG initiative.

View the slides or listen to the recording of the recent webinar I gave with EverTeam's Chief Customer Satisfaction Officer, Ken Lownie.

It will provide insight into a set of 'quick win' tactical projects that you can launch at the departmental level to help build support for the overall IG initiative. These initial projects also provide a template for reuse, allowing repeat execution of targeted projects across additional departments.

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