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“Healthcare organizations are just starting to realize the potential value of the data that they are sitting on, and ‘Get Governed’ explains both the “why” and the “how” to help organizations find the hidden value of those data assets. Whether you’re just getting started, or have been in information management for years, ‘Get Governed’ provides a practical, down-to-earth guide to get your organization on the right path to effective data governance.” 


– Glen Schuster, Founder and Principal, Skrymir Data Strategies.  Featured in “Why Big Data is a Big Deal” – Modern Healthcare Executive. Former Chief Technology Officer, Centene Corporation

“Healthcare has seen an incredible amount of investment internally and externally related to Data, Analytics and Informatics, but if you objectively review how successful these investments have been, you will see that success has not been because of the technology and innovation but rather because of the effectiveness of governance.  This book provides a unique perspective on the missing link in many organizations’ Data Strategies – Governance.   Governance is not just about control and decision making, it’s how you enable the effective use of Data and Information to drive value and align it to the stakeholders which companies serve. Growth in healthcare company’s data consumption and processing continues to grow exponentially, however across the board most companies struggle with driving the value they expect to receive from this volume and investment; putting in place the right decision making and governance processes at the enterprise level is critical. ‘Get Governed’ helps put some context and structure around these efforts.”


– Bill Fandrich, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan


“This book is long overdue. Having worked in healthcare for the past three decades, it’s clear we simply didn’t know what we didn’t know. ‘Get Governed’ is an excellent how-to guide that will help any healthcare organization simplify, standardize and get smarter about managing their data.  Once you “Get Governed” lean in and “Govern with Gusto” to exploit data differentiation with your providers, members and stakeholders to drive a real competitive advantage…perhaps the “Get Governed” sequel.”


– Nanci Ziegler, Vice President Customer Experience,

McKesson Health Services/Change Healthcare

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