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Nine Dimensions of Information Quality

  1. Conformed: Does it conform to the data standards (i.e. MM/DD/YYY for date or ###-##-#### for Social Security Number)

  2. Valid: Beyond Conformance, does the information make sense. For example: year in a date is within the expected range (2103 vs 2013) or no dummy values such as 999-99-9999 for SSN.

  3. Complete: No missing values

  4. Accurate: Requires an authoritative source to compare against. Sometimes called “correct.”

  5. Consistent: is the information the same between systems/applications

  6. Unique: If expected, is the information unique within the data set

  7. Available: Is the information accessible and/or was the application running during business hours or according to Service Level Agreements

  8. Timely: Was the information entered into the system or application in a manner that complied with turnaround times or SLAs

  9. Current: How likely is the information to represent “Now”

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